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We added an online store to make it even easier for you to buy the wedding photography package that better suits your wishes. Please feel free to click on them and read what they include. Before placing any order remember to CONTACT US FIRST to know if your date is available to BOOK.

After being sure your date is available to book, please complete the payment procedure.  Remember that in order to ensure our service on your wedding day, a 50% payment will be required. Our prices are in USD dollars.

If you have any question about us or about our services, please visit our ABOUT US page

The online store service is currently available ONLY FOR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGES. If you are looking for FAMILY PORTRAIT PACKAGES, please click here or contact us.

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Packages are done according to what we are usually asked for. If there's something you'd like to change, quit or add feel free to contact us. Not every wedding schedule is the same, so the covering of the different events such as getting ready, ceremony, speeches, dances, etc; might vary according to yours. Please consider the covering according to the hours you're hiring or talk to your wedding coordinator about it if you're choosing a special package with boudoir included.